Friday, April 14, 2006

SMART-ASS COMMENT: Is the number of hunters really declining?

Sure, the real deer hunting population is aging and recruitment into hunting is dropping. But this ignores the large influx of virtual hunters! Look at the glass more closely--it is half full!

SCS Software today announced that their action hunting game - Deer Drive - will enter digital distribution channels in April. Deer Drive will be made available for PC systems as trialware - a system of 'try before you buy' with online purchasing.

Deer Drive is an exciting stage-based 3D action hunting game, tailored for casual players, but with elements appealing to hardcore gamers. With only a firearm for protection, the player must take stand in an environment full of wild animals - whitetail deer trot and gallop, grizzly and moose charge and attack!

Deer Drive takes the hunting genre back to basics. The essence of hunting gameplay - accurate shooting, has been distilled into a game with emphasis on exciting action with short gaming sessions suitable for all ages - if the player has ten minutes or two hours - Deer Drive is the perfect game to satisfy the hunting urge!

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Owen said...

Fascinating. Still, it's no Drunken Night-time Rural Driver!