Thursday, June 01, 2006

IOWA NEWS: Confirmed cougar kill of deer

DES MOINES, Iowa A mountain lion is back in Iowa.

State biologists have confirmed a mountain lion killed a deer in Marshall County. It's the first sign of a big cat in Iowa since October 2004.
The deer was found on Tuesday near Bangor. Rick Trine of the Iowa Department of Natural Resource says the deer had claw marks on its hind quarters and neck, and puncture wounds to the neck and head.
Trine says the deer only had three legs -- from an old injury -- and it was probably easy prey.
According to the DNR, there have been two mountain lions shot, one killed on the road, one photographed in the same general area as the Marshall County cat, and six confirmed tracks.

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Tom Rooney said...

Update: Iowa DNR is now saying further analysis reveals that it not a cougar that killed the deer.