Tuesday, July 18, 2006

UK NEWS: Roe Deer and Lyme Disease

Scientists in Bath believe an increase in the number of roe deer is to blame for an explosion in the number of ticks, which can cause Lyme disease.
The university researchers are warning walkers and joggers around the city that the disease can bring on arthritis, nerve and heart problems.

They say people should stick to footpaths and to remove ticks with tweezers to reduce infection risks.

Ticks prefer skin creases like the armpit, groin or back of knee.

If a tick carrying the bacteria bites someone and remains on the body then the bacteria may get into the bloodstream.

Between two days and four weeks later an expanding, circular red rash appears at the point of the bite.

Tiredness, headache, joint pains, and flu-like symptoms may also occur.

Unless treated with antibiotics these symptoms may last for weeks, even months.

In some cases very serious problems arise many years later.

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