Wednesday, January 17, 2007

When Deer Misbehave

All of these happened within the last 24 hours:

AURORA COLORADO – A family awoke Tuesday morning to the sounds of a 250 pound deer hopelessly trapped in their basement window well. Thanks to a combined effort from Aurora Animal Control, Police and Fire Departments and the Colorado division of Wildlife, the deer was saved.

Authorities first tranquilized the deer and then members of the Fire Department’s technical rescue team assisted in lifting the deer free from the window well. The deer was taken to Cherry Creek State Park where it was released.

CANBY, OREGON - A large deer with an impressive display of antlers got into some trouble in Canby on Tuesday. Clackamas County Sheriff's Deputy Jeff Miller and an Oregon State Police officer responded to a report of a deer entangled in a rope in south Clackamas County. A resident of South Pellican Road said the deer was in distress.

Deputy Jeff Miller reported the deer was unable to free itself from the grip of the entangled rope suspended from a tree. The rope was snarled in the deer's antlers.

It occurred to the law enforcement officials that a stun gun might do the job by momentarily incapacitating the animal. It would be just long enough to untie the bonds of rope from the deer antlers and set it free. The plan worked. Miller said he did not have to resort to destroying the animal, which ran off free to roam the forest again.

JACKSON, michigan - An unexpected patient causes a commotion at Foote Hospital in Jackson. Around 7 a.m. Wednesday, a doe smashed through the window of the hospital's administration building, ran through a room, down a hallway and into the physicians lounge. The deer was severely injured, so Jackson Police put her down.

About five people were in the office at the time of the incident, they were not hurt, just shook-up. Records were not destroyed.

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