Friday, April 27, 2007

MULTIPLE LOCATIONS: More Deer Behaving Badly

New Jersey- A deer became an unexpected guest at a Gloucester County hair salon when it slammed through a glass window.

The deer launched itself head-first through the window of Salon Leezae in Franklin Township at about 2:30 p.m. Thursday while the salon was packed with customers.

Surveillance cameras in the salon captured video of the animal leaping over a customer before landing in the lobby. After flailing around for a few seconds, the deer made a grand exit, jumping back out the gaping hole it left in the window.

"I just couldn’t believe it; we really were in shock," store owner Lisa Vicheto-Scapellato said.

Lisa's daughter and her friend, in the salon for 'Bring Your Daughter to Work Day,' had a front seat view and said at first they thought it was a car because the crash was so loud.

"No one would think that the deer would just jump right through the window," Lisa's daughter said.

"He was kicking all over when he was right by the front and he kicked glass everywhere and it hit me on my arm," she said.

"Right away, I am like 'who do we call, who do we call?' I am thinking of animal control, because we are worried about the deer after we knew that all the human beings were okay," Lisa said.

Lisa's daughter had to get two stitches but luckily there were no other serious injuries.

The deer was last seen fleeing the salon, heading towards Delsea Drive and into the nearby woods where witnesses believe it came from.

Michigan -- Officers used a Taser to subdue a whitetail deer that jumped through a window into an apartment in downtown Owosso Thursday morning.

The 140-pound doe ran through the apartment, knocking things over, before the two men inside closed it in a bathroom, Deputy Chief Mike Rau said.

The officers immobilized the animal with a Taser until state Department of Natural Resources officers sedated it and carried it out of the building, Rau said. The deer suffered injuries and was later destroyed, he said.


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