Thursday, July 26, 2007

MICHIGAN NEWS: Clinton Township to Ban Bow Hunting

Clinton Township officials Monday took steps to ban hunting in the 28-square-mile community in response to a large number of people bow hunting deer along the Clinton River.

The township Board of Trustees agreed to ask the Michigan Department of Natural Resources to make a recommendation to close the area to any form of hunting because it poses a safety risk in Michigan's most populated township.

"Every fall during bow hunting season we have people going to hunt in our wetlands and wooded areas along the Clinton River," police Chief Fred Posavetz said. "Invariably, people with homes in that area are concerned about their safety."

Clinton Township already has a law banning firearm hunting, but bow hunting is still legal east of Garfield and north of Clinton River Road. With Clinton Township nearly fully developed with about 98,000 residents, officials want to close that area as well.

Under Monday's action, Clinton Township will ask the DNR to conduct an investigation and determine whether the state agrees there should be a hunting ban, said Kristi Glavich, a township attorney.

"We feel the best way to cleanly prohibit hunting is to have the DNR declare Clinton Township is off limits," Glavich said.

If the DNR agrees, a public hearing will be held in Clinton Township in the coming months.

Township officials said a "healthy deer population" continues to sustain and reproduce along the river. Banning hunting likely will not increase the population, they added. [Rooney notes: actually, it will].

"I don't think it's appropriate to allow hunting in such a populated area," said Clerk Dennis Tomlinson, a longtime bow hunter. "It should be farther out away from the population."

If the measure is approved, the ban would include firearms, bow and arrow, slingshot and trapping.



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