Monday, December 17, 2007

GERMANY NEWS: Germans Seek Bad Odors to Combat Deer

Hanover, Germany - A motorists' group in Germany on Monday demanded greater use of repulsive odours to keep deer off roads. Deer are scared by the smell of humans and wolves, so the decade-old German technology requires a foam containing those odours to be stuck to trees every 5 metres along the side of the road.

The noise of traffic combined with the scent deters deer from crossing the road and being killed in collisions with cars. When the road is quiet, the deer pluck up courage to run across.

The Lower Saxony branch of the ADAC appealed for hunters to create more of the odour barriers, saying 2,300 people were injured or killed last year in 220,000 collisions with wild animals. A much higher number of the deer and boar perished in the crashes.

The group said animal-car collisions had been reduced 80 per cent in places in Lower Saxony where the virtual barrier was employed.

The blobs of polyurethane foam about the size of tennis balls have to have fresh scent repeatedly added to them.


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