Thursday, December 13, 2007

IOWA NEWS: State Ponders Emergency Hunt Extension

Iowa's recent stretch of lousy weather will likely give deer hunters another shot at bagging a trophy this year.

The Natural Resources Commission meets Thursday morning to decide whether an emergency hunt is necessary. Poor weather made this years deer season difficult especially for those in southern Iowa.

Now the DNR is hoping to make it up to hunters. "Hopefully, provide a better opportunity for the hunter to harvest a deer," said State Conservation Officer Randy Schnoebelen.

The DNR says they are about 34,000 deer short of last years harvest and their target. The emergency hunt would be open to anyone with an unfilled first and second season shotgun tag, or a youth hunting tag.

If the commission approves the special season it would be the first of its kind in Iowa.

The DNR says a new computer tracking system is helping them keep closer tabs on the hunt. "It's so immediate, the data is right there, in years past the harvest reporting was done the old fashioned method," said Schnoebelen.

There is another catch. Sportsmen will only be able to take antlerless deer. If the commission approves the emergency hunt, the special season will be held the following weekend.

It's expected that the Natural Resources Commission will announce details of how folks can get special hunting licenses after they make their decision.


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