Monday, January 28, 2008

MASSACHUSETTS NEWS: 2007 Is 10% Below 2002 Record Harvest

hile no records were set during the 2007 deer season, both archers and muzzle loaders came close to highs, according to the MassWildlife preliminary deer report

There were 11,132 total whitetails shot by archers, shotgunners and muzzle loaders, falling below the record in 2002, when 12,264 animals were recorded.

The all-time low was in 1967, when only 1,172 whitetails were harvested.

The record year was when a high number of antlerless permits were allotted in an attempt to put doe numbers in a healthy buck-doe relation.

There were 5,745 deer shot by shotgunners in 2007, as compared to the 8,131 taken by gunners in the record year of 1996.

Archers in 2006 took down a record 3,385 deer, as compared to 3,223 in 2007. There were 18 deer shot by bow in the state's first archery season in 1966. Last season's good weather had more bowmen spending more hours in the field than average.

Black powder hunters shot 2,157 deer in 2007. The high was 2,325 shot by primitive weapons in 2005.

There were seven animals shot during the first muzzleloader season in 1972.

The Western District, once the most popular area to hunt as well as the most prolific, was last in nearly every 2007 category,

The Southeast District, followed by the Central, once again led the state in most harvest categories.


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