Wednesday, January 09, 2008

WEST VIRGINIA NEWS: 2007 Deer Kill Up 6% Over 2006

Deer kills increased 6 percent in West Virginia last year as hunters killed about 7,900 more animals than the previous year.

The Division of Natural Resources says the total kill for the state’s various seasons was 145,577 animals in 2007. Hunters killed 137,621 deer in 2006.

The agency says anterless kills increased 11 percent last year as hunters took advantage of increased bag limits and the opportunity to hunt in more counties. Overall, 43,684 antlerless deer were killed.

DNR Director Frank Jezioro (JEZ’-uh-roh) says the agency will continue to watch the number of antlerless deer in West Virginia to ensure a healthy statewide population.

West Virginia’s various deer seasons started in October and ended Dec. 31.



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