Wednesday, March 12, 2008

WISCONSIN NEWS: 2007 Harvest Third Highest Ever

The 2007 deer hunt turned out to be the third most harvested deer season in Wisconsin history, producing 518,573 deer statewide.

While the state's total deer harvest produced near-record numbers DNR experts say the Headwaters area here in northern Wisconsin was just about average compared to past years.

Last night, hunters from around the Northwoods met with the local DNR to discuss the past year and the upcoming deer season.

The annual meeting is used to exchange information and review what happened last year and how the harvest is going so far this year.

DNR officials say hunter input is vital to determine the status of the state's deer herd.

Ron Eckstein, a local DNR Wildlife Biologist, says, "What hunters tell us is specifics about the exact area where they're hunting. So from their deer stand in that perspective, what they're seeing and what's going on. So you need both perspectives, the broader perspective and the hunter's perspective to put together a season that will harvest a lot of deer and meet our management goals."

Eckstein believes this year's season will be just as good as last and that hunters around the state will again harvest in high numbers.


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