Thursday, April 03, 2008

MISSISSIPPI NEWS: Governor to Veto Deer Baiting Ban Bill

House bill 1089, the so-called "Deer Baiting Bill," has passed both the house and the senate. But word from the governor's office is that Haley Barbour plans to veto the bill, keeping it from becoming law.

But it may not matter whether it's law or not, because deer baiting is already a common practice here in Mississippi.

"When you go outside and you're in the woods, I just love being outdoors myself," said hunter, Bill McKee.

Many hunters like Bill McKee enjoy the thrill of the hunt, whether they bag the big buck or not, just hunting deer is enough for them. Still, McKee also keeps a feeder on his property.

"We have a lot of people that do it, matter of fact, I've got a feeder I keep out year round just to supplement the food for the deer," said McKee.

And McKee's not alone, I spoke with many hunter's who didn't want to talk on camera who say they may not hunt over corn feed or bait but they'll keep it on their property to keep the deer on their property. House wildlife committee chair, Bo Eaton says hunters want an even playing field.

"In Louisiana, it's legal, in Arkansas,it's legal and Texas and these hunters in the state want to have the same opportunity as those hunters in the other states that adjoin Mississippi," said Eaton.

For some it comes down to a matter of ethics, they say there's no fair chase no sportsmanship in killing a deer over bait.

But Eaton believes the decision to bait or not, should be left up to the hunter.

"What's best for the hunting public and this is an ethical issue that's before us and the hunters, in my opinion, if you feel like it's unethical then don't do it," said Eaton.

Last year, the wildlife commission was given authority to allow deer baiting. At this point, they are doing field tests to study how it affects the deer population.


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Anonymous said...

You know, most of us have been hunting deer all our lives around Mississippi over, and not over baited fields.(corn). I think that it rediculious that we have to have "Congress" have to pass a bill on this. We can only harvest Three deer a year. I think we should be able to be more perticular about the three we kill. Anyone who hunts and half-ass abide by the law I very much think would benifit from this. Expecially if their managing their game. This would be a perfect oppotunity to rid land owners of "undesirebles" and produce better dear. This includes Ugly, sad horned bucks and Old does that no longer produce. Everyone that hunts are not outlaws,but it seems that the honest owners that want to manage their deer are hendered by sitting and waiting on whatever comes by. People like me most seasons can tell year after year the same ole bad horn bucks and there off-spring. Well, this is just my opinion but most people I know and talk to say that they will hunt and kill however many it takes, regarless of the limit, to get that "good one". Now, Who the hell benefits from that! Something to think about