Thursday, May 22, 2008

UK NEWS: Muntjac Cull at Bardney's Limewoods

A TWO-DAY deer cull took place in Bardney's Limewoods, including Chambers Farm Wood in early April, the Forestry Commission revealed. It was part of a county wide ongoing operation.

A spokesperson for the Forestry Commission said: “The aim for this species is to create a sustainable and healthy deer population.“

“If left unchecked, increasing deer numbers would cause significant damage to the biodiversity of our woodlands Muntjac deer in particular uproot wildflowers, like bluebells, and over time destroy the flora of ancient woodlands like Chambers.”

Wildlife ranger Malcolm Armstrong said the growing population of deer was endangering certain species of plant in woodland across the county.

He said reports of road accidents involving deer were also increasing.

"There's certain plants that grow in here that deer favour, so when the deer population expands they are going to eat those plants out of existence.”

Mr Armstrong, who is also head of field operations for the Lincolnshire Deer Group, said the cull would be ongoing and carried out by qualified marksmen.

"Shooting is by far the most humane method," he said.

Mr Armstrong said an ongoing cull was also expected to take place next year.


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