Tuesday, October 28, 2008

AUSTRALIA NEWS: Feral Deer Multiplying in Brisbane Area

Feral deer are being targeted by Brisbane City Council literally.

Four deer have been shot by Brisbane City Council officers in the past two months in response to complaints, with council abandoning the use of deer trapping in bushland or large land tracts.

It was revealed early this month council would hire a second animal control officer amid rapidly multiplying numbers of feral deer, which have caused problems on western suburb roads.

In April, police responded to calls from startled families in Seven Hills, Norman Park and Camp Hill about a stag wandering their streets.

After attempts to capture the animal failed, it was left to find its own way back to
Carina’s Minnippi Parklands, where a herd of up to 30 deer are known to roam.

While initially being told by council its primary response was to trap the animals, a spokesman for Lord Mayor Campbell Newman has revealed it will only continue use of traps when close to homes.

He said shooting would be the preferred option on large tracts of land where necessary as the deer were often harming themselves as they thrashed about inside the cages trying to escape.

But the spokesman denied reports a larger cull was being considered.

Councillor Newman would not be drawn except to say it was a major problem.

``It is not something that can be swept under the carpet anymore, it must be dealt with,’’ he said.

RSPCA spokesman Michael Beatty preferred the deer were humanely euthanised and not unnecessarily shot, but conceded finding a sanctuary or farm willing to take them in was difficult.

``It will get 10 times worse in another three years,’’ Mr Beatty said, of the feral deer problem.

Source: Wynnum Herald

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