Tuesday, April 14, 2009

GUAM NEWS: Special Hunt to Combat Overabundant Deer

I had no idea there were deer in Guam. Shows what I know...

The Department of Agriculture is offering a special unlimited deal for deer hunters starting tomorrow, April 15.

The agency notes this year's seasonal hunting of local deer can only take place on Government of Guam property or private property with the owner's permission. Division of Aquatic and Wildlife Resources Biologist Jeff Quitugua says they have opened up the unlimited either-sex deer hunt because the agency is trying to control the deer and feral pig population. So far, he mentions that the animals have been destroying natural habitats that are supposed to regenerate indigenous plants and vegetation.

No exact data has been released on the current population of these local animals. In the meantime, Quitugua also says hunting licenses and deer tags are required to participate in this hunting season. Anyone interested is asked to contact the Department of Agriculture. Again, the unlimited deer hunt starts tomorrow, April 15 and ends September 30.

Source: Pacific News Center

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