Friday, June 19, 2009

MINNESOTA NEWS: New Deer Warning System Tested

ST. PAUL, Minn. - The state is testing a warning system in southwest Minnesota aimed at reducing the number of deer traffic collisions.

The state has stopped putting up the yellow "deer crossing" signs because a University of Minnesota study found drivers were desensitized to them. And, with a deer herd estimated at 1 million, the animals are everywhere.

The system set up along Highway 23 near Camden State Park stretches nearly a mile and includes a wall of light beams that trigger flashing roadside lights to warn drivers when deer approach.

MnDOT says the deer warning system cost $150,000 and reduced collisions by 57 percent over 18 months of study.

Minnesota has averaged nearly 4,500 deer-vehicle crashes annually over that past 10 years.

Source: MLive


Anonymous said...

For anyone that has ever heard of or come in contact with a deer, how wonderful!

I know the creator of the system that is currently being used in Minnesota. His name is Erick Lewis, President and CEO of E.L. Lewis Enterprises Incorporated. The system has also been tested at The University of Minnesota.

The only problem now is convincing State and Federal Legislators that investing into this proven system is not only a good direction to take but indeed a must!

EL said...

My name is Erick Lewis, the inventor / developer of the the deer alert system currently being used in Marshall Minnesota (MnDOT) outside of Camden State Park.

I developed this system after developing a similar system for Ice covered ponds and lakes.

I was excited to hear that highway 23 car deer collisions were reduced by a whopping 57%. My goal was and is to save lives. We've created our next generation (next 3 generations)of Xcellarated Awareness systems, however had not had real good luck with MnDot moving forward with us.