Monday, August 31, 2009

MICHIGAN NEWS: Bill Introduced to Expand Damage Shooting Permits

One of Michigan’s top industries is taking a hit from a growing problem, and state Rep. John Proos is working to address the issue.

Proos has introduced House Bill 5309 to allow farmers to address the increasing deer population and take more nuisance deer that disrupt and destroy crops.

“Michigan farmers are facing unprecedented struggles in this rough economy, and this simple preventative measure will go a long way in protecting crops,” said Proos, R-St. Joseph. “This is both a local issue and a statewide economic issue, and here is a simple fix for a growing problem.”

Proos said that current law still leaves crops largely unprotected. Under current law, farmers are able to obtain a deer damage shooting permit as a result of nursery or crop loss, which allows them to take nuisance deer responsible for damaging crops.

Proos’ legislation increases the number of authorized shooters that may be included under a deer damage shooting permit from three to 15.

Source: WLKM

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