Tuesday, August 18, 2009

MONTANA NEWS: Helena Deer Cull Expanded Again

The Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks Commission has given tentative approval to allow an additional 150 mule deer to be killed in Helena between November and March.

As part of its proposal, Helena officials promised to further monitor the urban deer population and to look at the effects of a previous effort that removed 200 deer from the city limits. They also will tally how many deer live in the city and determine what the human tolerance is for them.

Some of Helena’s 30,000 residents like the animals’ presence but others complain about property damage, traffic obstruction and risk to people and pets.

Source: Great Falls Tribune

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Anonymous said...

You stated that there would not be a decision on slaughtering 150 more deer untill this new census that you were talking about was done. no one has seen any results on that census to see just how many deer are left. all we see is you are killing them anyway. you deny that an official said the killing would not stop till all the deer are dead. your past record confirms that remark. you havent stopped or made any effort to do anything about the breeding. you can get the means to sterilize these animals. why is it you wont try what the people want???? you can relocate bears why not the deer? when are we going to hear just what this so called census come up with???