Monday, August 24, 2009

PENNSYLVANIA NEWS: Deer Hunt Considered for Tyler State Park

Officials are proposing allowing bow-and-arrow hunting of deer in a suburban Philadelphia park this fall and early winter.

More than 100 people packed a Bucks County meeting room Saturday to weigh in on the proposal for Tyler State Park in Newtown Township.

If approved, the archery hunt would be in addition to an annual shotgun hunt scheduled for Dec. 9 this year. As many as 10 hunters would be allowed to hunt each day in a northern section of the 1,711-acre park for several weeks.

Officials say the one-day shotgun hunts aren't sufficiently reducing the number of deer.

Some of those attending expressed concerns about the humaneness of archery hunting. Others said they were concerned about the safety of allowing archery hunting over an extended period when the rest of the park is still open for general use.

Source: Lebanon Daily News

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