Wednesday, September 23, 2009

WISCONSIN NEWS: Thirty-Point Buck Bagged

Remember, if you bag a thirty-pointer, it is due to your hunting prowess. If you get skunked, it is the DNR's fault for ruining the deer herd. -TR

A Fond du Lac resident bagged a 30-point whitetail buck by bow.

Wayne Schumacher shot the deer Sunday night from a tree stand near Rosendale.

Schumacher says the shot covered about 15 yards and the deer ran about 60 or 70 yards before going down.

Schumacher noted he's hunted with bow and gun for more than 30 years and he's known people who have seen the buck but it was hard to believe.

The deer, referred to as "Lucky Buck," has an inside antler spread of 20 inches. Its field-dressed weight was about 225 pounds. Estimates are that the deer is at least 4 years old.

Schumacher says the memory will be preserved with a shoulder mount.

Source: Chicago Tribune

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