Tuesday, July 27, 2010

BRITISH COLUMBIA NEWS: City to Combat Urban Deer

Officials in Cranbrook, B.C., have met with government biologists in an attempt to find a solution to aggressive deer plaguing the city.

Urban deer have been devouring gardens, injuring pets and attacking people.

Last month, a YouTube video of a deer stomping on a dog in Cranbrook went viral, getting more than 1.4 million hits in just a few weeks.

On July 14, a newspaper carrier in Cranbrook made headlines after he was attacked by a deer while doing his rounds. The attack left Brock Jones with a gash on his chin and a black eye.

And last week, Mayor Scott Manjak came upon an angered doe chasing a woman and her dog down a residential street, "and I had to bring my truck between the lady and the deer so the deer would stop chasing her."

Encounters such as these these are happening far too often in Cranbrook, Manjak said, and something has to be done.

"They are getting more aggressive and escalation is getting higher because these are deer that have been in the community three and four years. They have no fear whatsoever," he said.

Solutions discussed

Manjak met with biologists from the provincial Ministry of Environment on Monday to discuss solutions.

The City of Cranbrook is hoping the provincial government will help address the problem of aggressive deer. (CBC)

The ministry has done an exhaustive study on urban deer to come up with potential solutions. However, the most effective solution — a large-scale cull — is also the most controversial.

Manjak said the city plans to ask local residents what they think should be done about the problem deer, something neighbouring Kimberly is already doing.

"This is a very controversial problem and by doing the survey and following it through, we'll come to a community-wide solution," said Kimberly Mayor Jim Ogalvie.

Source: CBC News

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