Friday, February 18, 2011

INDIANA NEWS: Another Record Deer Harvest

Indiana hunters established a record for the third straight year by reporting an overall harvest of 134,004 deer taken during the 2010 seasons, according to a news release from the Indiana Department of Natural Resources.

Reports submitted from 461 check stations across Indiana topped the 2009 total by 1,252 deer, a 1 percent increase, and bettered the 2008 total by more than 4,200 deer.

"We're seeing a healthy number of deer throughout much of the state, and that is translating into success by our hunters during the hunting season" DNR deer biologist Chad Stewart said.

Source: Courier Press

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G-Money said...

Sounds like the Indiana herd is definitely thriving. I have some friends that hunt 'across the river', and they all did well. Down here in Kentucky, there were a little over 110,000 for 2010. That is the lowest harvest since 2001. And it seems like I've been seeing more deer than ever.