Wednesday, September 19, 2012

MICHIGAN NEWS: Deer Excluded from Rare Forest

Deer are being fenced out of a Tenhave Woods, 15 acre nature reserve that protects one of only 10 known sites of wet-mesic flatwoods in Michigan. The Royal Oak Nature Society is erecting an 8 foot fence to protect the wildflowers in the reserve.

The deer’s’ days are numbered at Tenhave Woods.

Bye, bye Bambi.
When the white-tailed does, bucks and fawns head out for greener pastures in a couple months, the Royal Oak Nature Society will raise the fence around the wooded area behind Royal Oak High School to keep them out for good. The departure of the deer will bode well next spring for the thousands of wildflowers cut short during their blooming peaks this year.
Source: Daily Tribune

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