Sunday, April 23, 2006

MICHIGAN NEWS: Hunters give DNR an earful

Deer management has been difficult for the DNR... and frustrating for hunters across the U.P. Saturday, the DNR coordinated a workshop meeting to let the hunters know, they're listening to their concerns.

"We're responding to the public, basically say we heard you and we're here to talk more about how we do deer population management," said Bill Moritz of the DNR Wildlife Division.

Hunters say they want to see the DNR to do more to create a bigger and better deer herd, that means adjusting some of the current regulations, reducing the 2 buck limit, and dealing with predator populations. Around 50 hunters came to participate in the sometimes heated discussion.

"As an avid hunter I think it's my responsibility to try to understand how the DNR is managing the heard rather than just complain about what's going on," said Tom Carreher of Ishpeming.

While the DNR described in detail how they manage and estimate trends in the deer population...hunters voiced a lack of credibility in the DNR's numbers and claim mis-management in the field.

The friction between the hunters and the DNR has gone on for years but both sides are hoping that meetings like todays workshop will help create positive action and improve understanding.

State Senator Mike Prusi also expressed their concern at the meeting.

"I'm here to listen to what my fellow sportsmen and women are talking about and encourage the DNR and the commission, not to just spend time listening but to actually take some action," said Senator Prusi.

A call to action on what is a complicated and complex issue.

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