Thursday, April 27, 2006

WISCONSIN NEWS: Deer population grows in CWD Eradication Zone

There has been a setback in the fight against chronic wasting disease in the state's deer population. Despite an aggressive effort to control the disease in a 210-square-mile area of Dane and Iowa Counties, the deer population has actually increased.

The Department of Natural Resources has lengthened hunting seasons in that region and loosened bag limits in an effort to kill more deer over the past four years.

DNR officials briefing members of the Natural Resources Board in Stevens Point, say aerial counts show the number of deer per square mile increased from 23 last year to 33 this year.

DNR coordinator Alan Crossley says they haven't been able to figure out a reasonable strategy for combating CWD, but he says the DNR is still committed to its policy for controlling the disease.

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