Friday, January 15, 2010

MICHIGAN NEWS: Ella Sharp Park Cull Winding Down

The third annual deer harvest at Ella Sharp Park and the Cascades Golf Course is nearly over.

Eric Terrian, Ella Sharp Park superintendent, said sharpshooters with Aaron's Nuisance, a local animal control company, killed 16 deer Thursday, bringing the total to 67 since the harvest started Sunday.

"Last night was a good night," Terrian said. "Obviously because of the weather, the deer are on the move."

The goal is again 80 deer. If sharpshooters can take another 13 deer Friday, the harvest will be over. If not, it will not resume until 4 p.m. Monday to let people use the parks over the weekend, Terrian said.

An unknown person firing a rifle at the park Monday night slowed the harvest. Terrian said the shooter still has not been identified.

When the harvest is over, 240 deer will have been killed in two years. Terrian said there are still hundreds of deer in the parks and if not for the harvest there would be several hundred more.

"The harvest is helping," Terrian said.

Source: MLive

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