Friday, January 15, 2010

TEXAS NEWS: Town Advised to Elimiate 400 Deer

HOLLY LAKE RANCH, TX (KLTV) - Residents of an East Texas community are torn, after being told the way to fix their deer problem is to kill 400 of the furry critters.

The over population problem has gardeners in the community upset, but animals lovers say that they enjoy seeing the deer.

Texas Parks and Wildlife was called in to advise the community on a solution, and suggested 400 deer needed to be put down in order to maintain a balance in the deer population.

Residents also received a letter saying those who continue to feed the deer will be fined $150.

A meeting will take place at 2pm today to discuss the issues and make a decision.

Source: KLTV

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Evan L. said...

My husband’s a hunter and he’d like to shoot any deer that comes into our property. We used to have deer damaging the garden until I got Havahart’s Deer Off. It’s the most effective repellent I used. Plus, it keeps the rabbits away.