Friday, December 28, 2007

WISCONSIN NEWS: You Have a 1 In 99 Chance of Hitting A Deer in 2008

If snow or ice doesn’t mangle your car, a deer might.

State Farm Insurance says Wisconsin drivers have a 1 in 99 chance of hitting a deer in the New Year.

That’s the third highest in the nation, behind only Michigan and West Virginia.

Eric Englund of the Wisconsin Insurance Alliance says about five cents of every dollar spent on auto policies pays for deer damage.

Those claims totaled $100 million statewide last year.

Keith Warnke of the state Department of Natural Resources says you’re 209 times more likely to hit a deer on the road than to get injured in a hunting accident.

Warnke should know. His vehicles have struck five deer in his lifetime.

A year ago, Waupaca County had the most deer crashes in the state, just more than 1,900.

Dane and Eau Claire counties were next on the list.

Most insurers include deer crashes in their comprehensive policies which also cover things like fires and vandalism.

About three-fourths of insured Wisconsin motorists have comprehensive coverage.