Friday, September 10, 2010

NEW JERSEY NEWS: Deer Cull in Essex Fells

In part of a wider effort to control the deer population that has grown in the area, the borough will begin bow hunting to cull the deer herd.

Councilman Jack Taylor said at Tuesday night’s Borough Council meeting that signs will be posted in all affected areas of the borough.

The deer culling will happen between Trotter Track and the woods on Fells Road to the right of Fells Brook. The operation will be run through the police department and handled by expert hunters, the council said. There was no date given on when the hunt will begin.

The hunters will not be going on private property, the mayor said, and will maintain a 450-foot distance from residential homes.

“In total, there will be about seven areas that will be involved in the process,” Mayor Edward Abbot said.

The borough also intends to mail out letters to residents that will detail the program.

The matter was first broached in the spring of 2010, during a presentation at a council meeting.

“The council has always had a safety concern with the increasing deer population in our town, and with neighboring towns as well,” the mayor said. “We have discussed what to do with the increasing deer population over many council meetings.”

The growth of the population, he explained, “not only presents a health concern like Lyme disease, but also effects the health and safety of our drivers. We have witnessed several accidents that caused all parties involved to be seriously injured.”

“The hunt will be very controlled,” the mayor added. “We will only have seven bow hunters doing the culling. Safety is our top priority with this project.”

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ILLINOIS NEWS: Deer Culls Approved for Will County Forest Preserves

Trained marksmen will begin targeting white-tailed deer this fall in Will County forest preserves.

Despite opposition from some county residents, the marksmen will kill a certain number of deer at five preserves during fall and winter this year and next.

Lockport Prairie Nature Preserve, Lockport Township. The average number of deer in the area is 94. They plan to cull 17 to 22 deer.

Messenger Woods Nature Preserve and Messenger Marsh Preserve, Homer Township. The average number of deer in the area is 138. They plan to cull 61 to 83.

Goodenow Grove Nature Preserve and Plum Valley Preserve, Crete Township. The average number of deer in the area is 421. They plan to cull 109 to 137 deer.

Sand Ridge Savanna Preserve in Custer Township and the Kankakee Sands Preserve. The average number of deer in the area is 87. They plan to cull 32 to 50 deer.

McKinley Woods, Channahon Township. The average number of deer in the area is 131. They plan to cull about 110 deer.

Source: The Southtown Star