Sunday, July 30, 2006

TENNESSEE NEWS: No deer baiting this hunting season

There will be no deer hunting over bait in Tennessee, according to the Tennessee Wildlife Resources Commission. At their meeting last week the TWRC considered the pros and cons, finally siding with the TWR-Agency's recommendation against it. The TWRA spent two months studying data from 15 states, seven of which allow hunting deer over bait.

The primary concern was the deer's increased susceptibility to disease; the next concern was powerful toxins that develop in the feed grains, especially corn. Studies also indicated that deer became more nocturnal when feeding on bait. Finally, in a survey done by the TWRA, more than 60 percent of hunters and non-hunters were opposed to baiting deer. Huzzah.

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Anonymous said...

Instead of opening the state to hunting over any food, why not be specific as to what you can hunt over. For example, if corn is a problem then how about carrots and apples and soybeans. How about deer pellets? Seeing all the deer in the area gives some people a better idea about how many does and bucks need to be taken in a season.

Anonymous said...

What is considered bait?

Anonymous said...

Is it illeagle to put corn out 75 yds from your stand. As long as you can't see it, its not baiting, right? If youre not hunting over it like it says in the hunting guide, then your not baiting, correct?