Wednesday, September 13, 2006

IOWA NEWS: Urban Hunt in Ames

A new ordinance will allow the hunting of deer by bow and arrow in designated areas of Ames. The Ames City Council approved the deer management ordinance Tuesday night. The ordinance proposed the legal hunting of deer using bow and arrow in zones designated by Iowa Department of Natural Resources. Its purpose is to control animal populations within and around the city of Ames. The ordinance will take effect Oct. 1.

Twelve cities in Iowa already allow deer hunting, and 11 of these cities allow hunting with a bow and arrow. "Every city that has passed this has been very satisfied with it," said Ames Police Chief Loras Jaeger.

All Ames deer hunters must follow a number of rules, including passing a proficiency test and obtaining a special-use permit.

To measure the effectiveness of the ordinance, an annual aerial count will be taken and reported back to the council, Jaeger said.

Although the ordinance was passed, there were concerned community members.

"If you need to control the deer population, there are safer ways to do so," said Wolfgang Kliemann, professor of mathematics and Ames resident.

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