Friday, May 25, 2007


MICHIGAN--It wasn't your ordinary day of work for some office personnel at MSU. A mother deer and her fawn crashed right through their window. Michigan State University police say the deer, clearly disoriented, thrashed around the college of human medicine's office. One deer even jumped into an employee's lap, leaving her with minor injuries.

Source (with video):

COLORADO--Run-ins in between wildlife and people are on the rise this spring. Just ask Louis Gaz, who saw a deer crash through a window and into a bedroom in his home.

"I just saw this brown flash going my direction," said Gaz, 76, who was outside with a friend on Saturday when the deer burst into his house in Lafayette, about 20 miles north of Denver.

Gaz said he tried to get the deer to leave through a door, but it eventually bolted back through the jagged hole in the window, leaving blood, fur and broken glass behind.


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