Monday, May 21, 2007

NEW HAMPSHIRE NEWS: Too Many in Southeast, Too Few Everywhere Else

NEW HAMPSHIRE (AP) -- New Hampshire Fish and Game officials are trying to increase the white-tailed deer population everywhere except the southeast corner of the state, where there's too much of a good thing.

Thanks to a healthy herd and good weather, hunters killed nearly 12,000 deer in New Hampshire last year, the fourth-highest total on record. More than one in ten were killed in the area stretching from the Nashua area to the Seacoast, south of Route 101.

After a serious drop in the deer population, the state limited hunting in 1983. The herd has rebounded since then, but Fish and Game would like to see it increase by another 45 percent, except in the southeast, where they'd like to see it fall by nearly one-third.

Last year, the state increased the number of special permits it sold allowing hunters to kill a second deer in that area.


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